Making a complaint to the Swedish Schools Inspectorate

What can I complain about?

You can complain to us about mistreatment at school or preschool. You can also complain about a certified teacher or preschool teacher who has behaved in an inappropriate manner or been incompetent in their work. Bear in mind that we only investigate things that have already taken place. The student must also still be attending the school or preschool in question. We cannot participate in resolving problems at the school itself.

What does the Swedish Schools Inspectorate do?

The Swedish Schools Inspectorate conducts an impartial investigation to see whether the school, preschool, teacher(s) or preschool teacher(s) reported have followed the rules. We do not represent the student, the parents, the teacher, the preschool teacher, the school or the responsible authority.

How long does it take?

An investigation usually takes a few months

What a complaint may lead to

We cannot change a decision that has already been made - but if our investigation shows that the school or preschool has broken the rules, we can demand that they rectify their shortcomings. The Swedish Schools Inspectorate can also report a certified teacher to the Teachers' Disciplinary Board. The Board can decide to give the teacher a warning or to revoke their teaching certification.