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To bear in mind before you make a complaint:

  • Please state clearly in your complaint if you have protected personal data so that we may allow these to remain confidential.
  • Complaints and other documentation submitted to the Swedish Schools Inspectorate will be placed in the public domain. This may well mean that anyone will have the right to read this documentation. We do, however, have some powers under the provisions of the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act to allow certain sensitive information to remain confidential.
  • We only investigate things that have already taken place.
  • Our main rule is that we only conduct investigations if the student is still attending the preschool or school in question.
  • We cannot participate in resolving problems at the school itself.
  • You may remain anonymous, but then we will not be able to contact you or keep you informed about the investigation and you will not receive a decision in the matter.

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Make your complaint using our online form (new window)

Complain via e-mail or with a regular paper form

If you cannot use our online form you can download the form as a Word document here:

Download the form (Word file, opens in a new window)

Send the completed Word file to us by e-mail or regular post. You can also just send a regular letter to us describing the problem, telling us what you think the school has done wrong and that you would like to make a complaint.

Send your complaint to: Skolinspektionen, Box 23069, 104 35 Stockholm

Or e-mail it to: