Things you can make a complaint about

Mistreatment at school or preschool

If you suspect that a school or preschool is not following the laws and rules that apply to their operations, then you can complain to the Swedish Schools Inspectorate. Our investigations proceed from the laws and rules that govern schools and preschools. Bear in mind that we only conduct investigations if your child still attends the preschool or school in question. However, if the case involves bullying or degrading treatment, we can conduct an investigation even after the student has left the school.

The majority of complaints have to do with children and students who do not receive the particular support they need, or they concern bullying or students not receiving the teaching to which they are entitled. But you can also, for example, complain that you did not get a place at preschool for your child within a reasonable length of time, or that your child was wrongly placed in a school for students with learning difficulties, or that your child has to pay fees in connection with their education or that the supervision of your child in the playground is not working. You can also complain about other things that are not described here.

A certified teacher or preschool teacher who has behaved in an inappropriate manner or been incompetent in their work.

The Swedish Schools Inspectorate can also report a certified teacher or preschool teacher to the Teachers' Disciplinary Board. The Board can then give the teacher a warning or revoke their teaching certification. We can report a certified teacher or preschool teacher to the Teachers' Disciplinary Board if:

  • they have been incompetent in their professional capacity,
  • they have committed an offence(s) which means that his or her suitability as a teacher or preschool teacher should be questioned,
  • they have demonstrated that they are not suitable for teaching,
  • they have been unable to satisfactorily fulfil their professional commitments due to illness or the like

These are the types of schools that we can investigate

Your complaint to the Swedish Schools Inspectorate can be about many different types of schools or schooling, such as preschools, preschool classes, leisure-time centres, compulsory schools, compulsory education for students with learning disabilities, special schools primarily for students with impaired hearing, vision and physical disabilities, Sami Schools, upper secondary schools, upper secondary education for students with learning disabilities, municipal adult education, education for adults with learning disabilities, and Swedish tuition for immigrants.