When you have made a complaint

We receive your complaint - you get an e-mail from us

When we have received your complaint, you will get an e-mail from us. The e-mail contains your case number, which you should state when you contact us. If you want to contact us you can send an e-mail to skolinspektionen@skolinspektionen.se or call our switchboard, +46 (0)8-586 080 00.

We make an initial assessment of your complaint

When we have received your complaint an investigator makes as assessment of the information you have submitted. If we decide to investigate the information, the investigation can be concerned either with mistreatment in school or the suitability of a certified teacher or preschool teacher, or both of these aspects. Our way of working varies depending on whether the investigation is concerned with mistreatment in school or a certified teacher or preschool teacher. Below can be found a short description of the investigation process.

This is how an investigation into information regarding mistreatment is conducted

If we decide to start an investigation into mistreatment you will always be informed of this. You will also be given the name of the person handling your case and how you can get in touch with him or her.

We contact you and the responsible authority

During the investigation we contact those that are responsible for the school or preschool - the "responsible authority". As far as municipal schools are concerned, the municipality is the responsible authority; for independent schools, the responsible authority is the company or organisation operating the school. We ask the responsible authority the questions that we need answered. You may read the information provided to us by the responsible authority and submit your viewpoints. Sometimes we also need to have more contact with you, the school, preschool and/or the responsible authority.

We make a decision

When we have completed our investigation, we make a decision which we send to you, the responsible authority and also, usually, to the head teacher at the school, or the head of the preschool. Our goal is to make a decision a few months after you submitted your complaint.

If we require the responsible authority to rectify shortcomings in its operations, then we also require them to report the changes they have made, a few months after the decision. The investigation may also lead to us not requiring any measures to be taken - this is the case if we judge that the responsible authority has followed the rules.

This is how an investigation into information regarding a certified teacher or preschool teacher who has behaved inappropriately or incompetently is conducted

The Swedish Schools Inspectorate can also start an investigation into a certified teacher or preschool teacher, based on the information submitted in your complaint. In this case we contact the teacher or preschool teacher and tell them about the information that we have chosen to investigate. The teacher or preschool teachers may also present their version of what has happened. Sometimes we also contact the person who has submitted the complaint in order to ask additional questions. Our goal is that the investigation should not take more than a few months.

If we consider that the teacher or preschool teacher should receive a warning, or have their certification revoked, we make a report to the Teachers' Disciplinary Board, which then tests the case. The Board is an independent body and only the Swedish Schools Inspectorate and the teacher in question can make a report to the Board.

Do you have any questions?

You can contact us by telephone at: +46 (0)8-586 080 00 or e-mail: skolinspektionen@skolinspektionen.se